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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I realized something today.
Maybe it has been there for quite some time to be realized.

Ok, this is crap.
No wonder, it's already a quarter past one in the morning!

2 days passed since Muhammad Faris Aiman's 4th birthday :)
Happy Belated Birthday sayang!
He is a major pain in the butt most of the time (no offense Abang); just now, we have to 'pujuk' him to go to bed while he still wants to watch Henshin! or Kamen Rider
Anyway, he is still a very good, smart & good looking little kid :D

Tomorrow/Today is going to be a huge day for me, perhaps for most UiTM students!
OH sorry. I know I know, I overdo it.
But hey, I consider every result day is a huge day! >.<
Can't wait yet can't be brave to check the results.

Typically, if UiTM states that the results are available on that particular day, it means that they will only start to be available after noon!
Well, usually.
Hope they come out earlier this time -_-"

Oh yea, I realized that no matter how annoyed, pissed, angry, disgusted, irritated, (& other negative feelings) we are towards the siblings, it won't last long.
Well at least that's me :)

I say bad things about this person at this moment, then the next minute we'll be playing badminton together.

I scold this brother for being so bitchy & he yelled back at me, but the next time people see us, we'll be laughing like maniacs to each other's stupid jokes.

I sulk because the siblings call me fat or having big butt or so bitchy, but trust me I won't last an hour not talking to any one of them back again.
Although yea, it hurts.

Reality hurts way more than the fantasy.
Maybe, fantasy doesn't even hurt us at all!
Sometimes I cannot bear realities such as the way I am treated & how side taking MOST situations are, still I have to keep in mind that,

"Hey, bitch. This is life. Live with it. You will not always get what you want"

I am a good daughter, younger sister, elder sister, sister-in-law, aunt & friend.
I should stay that way & embrace every moment

That's how it's supposed to work right?
I mean, we ARE family. And we should always stick together

Miss you Do you too No lie Won't cry


  1. no worries. none taken. aiman memang pain in the butt pun. haha last night heard him crying to watch kamen rider, but couldn't be bothered to get up to drag him into the room.

    takpela, malam ni copy semua dari fick.

  2. tu ah. yana dh naik ats dlu, pstu mak call suro turun pujuk dia jap. turun2 aliyah dh jd hero a.k.a mangsa kena layan dia smpi tdo ah ;p

    haha copy copy. tp jgn dia ngade2 ckp nk tgk kt omputer pak alam gk dh la

  3. ade gak gamba azam kt end post.. ahahah.. comel seh..

  4. hrmm... sy rase lelaki dlm gmbr itu bkn ahli keluarga anda :P

    and i'm stil amazed at how u live with a huge family. cam best jeh :)

  5. anep - hehe. rindu gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa kut. tp menten koolness akakaka

    mira - err tepat skali. tp alaaaa boleh la nk taruk gmbr dia. rinduuuu :D haaa huge family best, tp xdpt jln2 la. rmi sgt, ekeke


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