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Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am a boring type of person & I am well aware of that, thank you very much.

Lately this 'boring trait' has become even worse since my friend started complaining that I have no new entries on my blog.

The last one was on boyfriend, which was kinda wayyy back since I am currently in a middle of sulking stage. HAHA -_-"

I am in need of something to write about.

Perhaps about something exciting or new or enjoyable or fun!
But I don't have or recently experiencing any of that.
See how boring my life is?!

I need something that is worth my time to write & worth YOUR time to read >.<

Any suggestions??

Guess not!


  1. pasal kawan222...pasal pamili...pasall boyfwen..pasal kenapa sulkingg...hehehe

  2. hahahaha. malas la
    typical stories, nnt org bosan

  3. pasal aku. confirm ramai org akan comment sbb aku sgt new, exciting, enjoyable and fun to read hahahaha

  4. aku takut orang blacklist blog aku duhh klau cte psl kau! so last year wehhh kau ni hahaha


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