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Thursday, June 11, 2009



I need & I really want to improve my English skills!
But I simply don't know how >.<

I love reading English novels, but it always happens that I read the books for the story, not for the vocabulary or the sentence structure or the spelling or the grammar.
But people say that reading can help right?

That means I read for fun, not for knowledge!

Is that good or bad? :(

Wait wait wait, what?!
Going to English classes? Like what?
No no no. Don't make the solution expensive please

Last night, I can't find the word for 'rumah sewa' in English.
It's RENTed HOUSE (thank you Amirah & Ain for pointing this out), for god's sake!
And that happened while I was replying Facebook comments with my BEL (Basic English Language) lecturer.
How much stupid can I look in front of her? :'(

I was so embarrassed that I need to text my dad for his assistance in translating paragraphs for my last semester's assignment.
I e-mailed him one afternoon & already got the reply that very night! :D
I really love my dad & without him, I'm nothing :S
Well, I was lucky he actually had the time! Because he rarely have time for this 'remeh' stuffs.

I can't even find the suitable word to replace 'remeh'! >.<

*girl's wail*

TESL students, shower me with knowledge please!


  1. I've never really bothered to learn about English grammar or whatnot and when reading the newspapers, books or novels do not intentionally set out to learn sentence structures and the likes from them. It's just that the more you read, the more you'd (hopefully) be able to pick up from them. Try reading from a variety of writing styles. That way you'd learn different ways to put your points across.

    Sometimes translating terms in Malay to English can be a bit tricky, so no worries there!

  2. tgk spongebob dan kartun2 lain. aku tk tipu.dgr lagu2 inggeris dan berblog dlm inggeris. serious tk tipu

  3. owh and by the way, I think you can use 'petty' as the translation of 'remeh'.

  4. abg faruq - well at least your vocab is wide! sometimes i can't even get the meaning out of some of the words u use in ur blog. hehe

    oh thnk u for the info. tak prnh tau plak petty tu, ihihi

    sara - tp klau tgk katun bkn leh luaskan vocab duh. aku rs mcm noob gle gune prkataan bdk2 je, haha. blogging in english eh? klau dh ayat tunggang langgang pun tak cantekkk bai. aku bc sndri pn rs nk sepak

  5. ahahhaha.. rileks la dee.. sume org ade prob ni.. just like mee! my english sux.. tp english ni bkan penting mane pon.. wakakkaka..

    btol pe kate sara tu.. tgk katun hari2 terer ah nnt.. ahahah..

  6. Ala dee, chill la..
    translating is always frustrating

    btw..i'm sorry but ur lecturer pun salah.
    in tht context, it should hav been translated as "rentED house"

    ps: sorry, cant help it :(

  7. oh n reading helps sbb lame2 nnt automatic terbiasa dgn grammar yg btul
    jd cm x sedar pun knp, tp awk tau bezakan grammar btul n slh

    pps: ur english is really good lah. GCE awk dpt A kn? nobody has a perfect vocab :)

  8. anep - english tak penting awak kata?! :O isk isk isk.. english sgt pnting utk bdk course mcm saya ok, tak hidup nnt klau nk cari keje

    mira - sep sep! thnx mmahami. nk translate pn kne dgr tul2 bnyi sdp ke x, hehe. haaa no wonder i feel smethg funny psl rent house tu! nvm, dia mmg lain sket~ wait, GCE is? blur la ptg2 ni, lg2 tensen rsult x kuar pd kul 5.30 spt yg dijnjikan HAHA

  9. huhu. at least BI ko lagi ok dr aku la dee :) btul ckp mira. english ko good la.

    btw, er... aku rase ko betulkan rentED house tu kat tempat yg slh. huhu. "RENT HOUSEed"?

  10. bahahaha. mst tgh cuak tggu rsult td
    tak prsn duh, thnx thnx
    aku dh tuka, name kau pn dpt msuk tbe2 hahah

  11. hahah. tumpang glamour jap :P haha
    nak cuak mende..result da gmpak :P

  12. honestly babe, ur english is fine. but if you want to widen your vocabs, when you read the novels, try to write down new words on a small book, each with its meaning. overtime, after countless encounter with the same words over and over again, it should stick to your head, and you'd be able to naturally use the word when you speak.

    also, grammar can be quite tricky sometimes. you'd be surprised to find out there are some grammatical errors that actually 'sound' right on your tongue, but it's actually grammatically wrong. but since it's widely used in spoken English, it's accepted (as long as you know it's grammatically wrong), but not in written English, tho.

    btw, i punya vocab pun phail. asek tgk katun jek. -_-"

    and sorry comment super panjang. hahaha.

  13. fuh, that's a really long comment!
    but i like it :D thnx a lot babe.

    yeah, i thought about writing the new words i found when reading but the thing is i'm just plain lazy to do that >.< well my mum always say that lazy is the most dangerous 'disease'.
    it's all about own initiatives. plus, even if i do write those new words down i'm afraid i will not even refer to the notebook back -_-" haiyaaaa

    yeah, i know! that's what i'm rly afraid of. sometimes i feel so confident about the correct grammar bcause we use it a lot, but it turns out to be that the answer's wrong! :O *gasp all the way!*

    at least ur vocab is much better than mine ;)

  14. ha tu2....tgk ayat awk ats ni.
    gempak beb..nk kate x tere, meh sni kte simbah air :P

    oh n "housed" brmaksud ditempatkan (di rumah/bekas). so still rented house

  15. haha mira mengganas nmpknye ;p
    can imagine the way u say "meh sni kte simbah air"
    so cuteeeeeee :D
    miss ya

    haha tu lah. nk wt correction makin slh plak


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