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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Clap To This

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Salahuddin a.k.a Abang Adin & Noorfaradzila a.k.a Kak Fara :)
May the both of you live happily ever after (no no, it's not only in fairy tales if you really believe in it) & always cherish your significant other every moment.
I'll pray for your happiness, wealthiness & good health along with the hope to see the 'seed' of your love soon ;)
Take care.

To Pak Uda's family, thanks for being so cool & sorry I didn't really help a lot.
To Shairah Sharif, thanks for always standing by my side whenever I need you, whenever people scold us for no good reason & even whenever we got blamed for the stuffs that we didn't even do, you're the best!
I may be tired but the hours we worked together sure makes me excited & happy.

I am currently in pursue to find a guy who's REALLY good with kids & kids love & respect him.
Any takers?
But if you don't have the face of Lee Min Ho, you know where the exit door is ;)

Can't wait to get married & get so many presents! HAHA

I want to figure out how to throw a wedding reception without any fuss or without anyone who wants all the credits for the works which he/she doesn't even do or without anyone talks bad behind my back saying how ridiculous my wedding planning is or without anyone complains about almost everything!
Any suggestions? ;D

Till then, live life to the fullest & appreciate everything your parents have ever done for you.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all Dads in the world!

I love you Uncle Md Yunus Md Said :')


  1. *clap clap*

    wah..kawin nk dpt presents je.. gile x ikhlas! haha..

    seed? mcm lucah pon ade haha wtf bodoh anep.. xD

  2. saya ikhlas okaay kahwin demi cinta. tp tgk adiah byk mcm lg smarakkan cinta la, hahahaha

    bengong la anep. betul la pnggunaan bahasa saya! langsung tak lucah ok

  3. weyh weyh ! aku syg kau gile cmni.
    tp ade satu sentence tu mcm kecik je en font die. hehehe. egois la tu.


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