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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I seriously went off the limits.

I have stupidly make a fool out of myself.

Oh I really need my elder brothers to comfort me.

Guys, seriously I'm in need of all of you!

But even if they are here by my side, I don't know which to tell first or even what to tell them.

I'm not missing home that much.

But I just want 'Aisyah here with me

God, I miss her too much.

Lately I've done something so terrible that even me, myself can't forgive me for doing that.

But it still can be corrected. I hope

I suck big time!

Honestly, I don't even know the main purpose of writing this post.

Again, I suck big time! Isn't it just too obvious?!

Arghhhh. I want my parents, all my 9 brothers, my 2 sisters, my 2 sisters-in-law, my brother-in-law, the annoying nephew & the angelic nieces!

Suddenly feel so sad; I spent the last evening in Shah Alam with 'Aisyah in a playground :')

Just pray everything is going to be alright for me. Please
Anyone will do

Ps. The movie Syurga Cinta is cool, especially the part when the grandpa explains about the 3 'jodoh' in life :) Really hope I can meet the 'jodoh from Allah s.w.t' real soon.


  1. Sedang berdoa lah ni.



  2. aw... u rindu I ke? hahaahahaha!

    bebeh, whatever your problem is, just remember, no matter how bad the train crashed, it will always get back on track.

    if u need someone to talk to, u know where to find me. I'm not ur elder brother, or ur sis, 'Aisyah Raihana even, but maybe I could help u lighten up the burden a bit.

    oh ya, btw, i mimpi u smlm. petunjuk ni. ahaha.

  3. beb, dont you miss me? hehehehe aku nak tgk malam ni syurga cinta kat dvd ngan mak aku.

  4. si aizuddin; terima kasih banyak2. awak adalah senior terhebat saya pernah dpt ;)

    yo; hmm ntah ah. tak tau cne nk ckp. mgkin xde pape pn act, yana yg emo lbh kut

    aisyah; thanks babe :) gila syg u. rindu korg suma2. meh la dtg dungun! jgn asyk duk umah mnjahit je, boring la u! haha

    shera; rindu sikit la, tak trase sgt. hahahaha. syurga cinta terbaekkk

  5. haha. memang lucu, sedang membaca :D

  6. mengapakah kamu dee?
    sabar2. bwk2 diri tu bertenang.. :)

    yup2..syurga cinta best thp max :D

  7. dee.. are u okay? rindu anep ah xkn da rindu anep kot? ahahhaha.. baru bape minggu.. ceh prasan gile haha :P

  8. rindu anep! mmg rindu! sangap oh duk sini. nak balik umah jauh sgt, n skjp sgt kt umah nnt lg wat sakit ati. n rindu my hubby juga, lama gila tak jumpa

  9. dee apakah yg telah terjadi?
    ok x?
    oh btw ktw jmpe azam aritu.
    jrg oh nmpk die...skali tu je.misteri sggh

  10. ok je hehe. cuma bpk bosan kt sni wo!
    azam tu mmg aneh, abaikan dia


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