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Monday, July 27, 2009


How do you feel when people always, i mean ALWAYS as in ALL THE TIME misinterpret you?
How can they really understand the emotions you're conveying only through Short Messaging System or Instant Messaging or comments on Facebook?

You're just joking around but some people take it seriously.
Haven't they heard of the quote from Joker?
"Why so serious?"
Yeah, I love the line. But I'm scared of the Joker *pardon me*

When they do not understand the terms you're using (my fellow bitches, i know you guys understand what terms i'm talking about), they'll be raging mad and accuse you of talking behind his/her back, mocking him/her and yada yada yada.
I mean, that's stupid right?
There's no harm in asking if you don't understand ANYTHING.
Please do not patronize your opponent. Think of a smart way to win.

How do you feel when people curse you with no good reason whatsoever when they actually don't even know the person you really are?
Got me, I'm a sinner. Of course I do that once in awhile!
I'm a hypocrite, in my very own special way.
And so is everyone!
You know I'm right ;)

Do not curse unless you know the limits.
Do not curse unless you're prepared to face the consequences.
Do not curse unless you know what and who you are dealing with.
Or better yet, DO NOT CURSE AT ALL!

Some people know I'm good at cursing. I mean, REAL GOOD!
They also know I'm good at hurting people's feeling.

Do you know why?
Because people, and lots and lots of people always hurt me.
Physically and mentally, no lie.
I learnt from the experiences I've been through. I learnt from THEM, those who would LOVE and kill each other to see me trip and fall *kapish*

How do you feel when you're in a very good mood but suddenly people accuse you of being too emotional?
Seriously, you are doing nothing. Maybe the tone of your voice are a bit high but that's no good reason for someone to say you're always angry about everything! *sheesh*
Those lame people, they got my sympathy :)
If it's up to me, I'll curse the person right back and do everything in my power to embarrass him/her. Trust me!

But no, I don't do that.

Do you know why?
Because I'm already much hated. Thank you very much.

So don't provoke me with your silly and petty-trying-hard attitude.
You may never know what kind of beast you might unleash from inside of me.

Be prepared.
Be very prepared.


  1. yadadayayada.

    "why so serious?"

    i love this line from joker,
    "when you good at something, dont do it for free"

  2. yeah i know.
    u put it up at ur profile on myspace ;)
    love that one too.

  3. I L O V E YOU DYANAYUNUS! thumbs up for this entry :D

  4. haha i guess i've said what i need to say isn't it? ;)
    love u too bebeh

  5. ini kerana mereka KG.

  6. Joker rocks.
    Cursing rocks harder.
    Revenge rocks hardest. xD

    Mende ko mrepek ni nep? Teehee..

  7. haha anep stress ke dh kne smbung bljr blk bfore kmpus laen? ;p

  8. salam ziarah..

    dijemput menjadi follower sy..

  9. KG, biasalah.

    babe, i selalu curse. u tak kesah kan? HARHAR. xD

  10. u slalu curse ke? sopan je i tgk td hahahah


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