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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Each and every time I enter the classroom, I will feel something different.
Something so scary, tiring & heavy at the same time.

I feel like I'm carrying a burden; of all the problems in the world.
I always feel tired & scared not to succeed in this field I'm running on.

Dad once told me that nothing in this life will get easier.
Each and every semester I'll face new challenges & need to learn new lessons.
This semester is no exception.

I got scared of the subject English for Academic Purposes.
I got butterfly in my stomach just by hearing the Introduction to Business Mathematics subject.
I got worried if I will ever master the Mandarin Language.
I got headache just by thinking how tricky the subject Bahasa Melayu Pengurusan Pejabat might be.

I need guidance. I need the spirit to study.
I need to score just like the semester before.

Perhaps I shouldn't push myself too hard.
Trust me, I don't want to repeat any subjects just like any other sane person.

I really want to make my parents proud of me.
Especially my dad, since he has gone through hardships to bring up the family & sending me to this dungeon not only time consuming for him but also a huge sum of money is involved.

Dear my friends & family,
please pray for me :')

I miss you guys


  1. "bahasa melayu pengurusan pejabat'..
    thats the dullest subject i ever heard..
    is that some sort of ethic subject? so sien..

    just keep praying..He never forget His own worshiper..

  2. si aizuddin; terima kasih. awak memang hebat, saya taktau kenapa

    anonymous; i know right? sien? u sound like someone who likes to play dota. idk y. it's language subject. just like BM in school maybe only tougher. thanks :)

  3. keep yourself focussed to your goals. :)

    (ps, I hate the phrase good luck, it's getting overrated)

  4. Cheerrr up! Buat dgn hati girang! Go with the flow!

  5. aisyah; thanks. i know right? i pun mcm xtau dh nk bg kata2 smgt kt org cmne. haha

    yo; hati girang? hrmm.. ssh skit la bila jauh dgn fmly ni >.< oh well, thnk u very much! :D

  6. tau xpe!
    english for academic purposes tuh cam gle skema je kan
    i dnt know abt Introduction to Business Mathematics, tp i'm worried about my environmental psychology psycho.haha

    anyway...lets pray both of us will get thru this sem with flying colors :)

  7. hahahaha nama subjek pun dh psycho dh. pape pn we must believe in ourselves! uuuyeaaahh


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